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At Klick Solar, we are dedicated to powering homes with the energy of the future. Currently, we’re proud to illuminate households across the scenic landscapes of Colorado and Oregon. Browse below to discover our established offices and the specific regions we cater to within these vibrant states.

Colorado Offices

Klick Solar has its roots firmly planted in the rich soil of Colorado. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve been harnessing the abundant sunshine of the Front Range, empowering households with sustainable energy. As a homegrown company, we understand the unique energy needs of our Colorado communities and are proud to be their trusted solar provider.

Denver, CO

Boulder, CO

Colorado Areas We Serve

Oregon Offices

Oregon is a cherished region for Klick Solar. Our profound appreciation for its majestic landscapes and commitment to sustainable energy resonates deeply with our mission. As we broaden our presence in the Beaver State, from Bend to Medford, our dedication remains unwavering: serving its communities and preserving its natural beauty through solar energy.

Bend, OR

Medford, OR

Oregon Areas We Serve