10 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Life

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Live Life More Sustainably

1 – Use Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy dramatically decreases the amount of carbon emissions produced daily. Replacing your home electricity with solar panels means that your electricity is coming from a natural resource.

2 – Recycle

Make sure your home has an option for recycling garbage. Products made plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and glass can be recycled. Think twice before throwing these items in the trash bin.

3 – Donate Unused Items

If you aren’t actively using something, donate it! Household items and clothes are items that oftentimes get tossed when you no longer have a use for it. Donate these items to charity where others can find use for your items!

4 – Use Reusable Alternatives

Single use products such as plastic water bottles, straws, and grocery bags end up in landfills every day. Opt for a more sustainable option like reusable bottles, metal straws, and canvas grocery bags. This is an easy swap that greatly increases sustainability.

5 – Go Paperless

Avoid using paper when possible by opting in to online options. Many companies have online billing and you can receive receipts via email.

6 – Reduce Waste

Don’t throw away your food! If you have leftovers from dinner, save them and eat them for lunch the next day. You can even freeze your leftovers to eat at a later time. If your food does go bad, compost these items to use as fertilizer for a garden.

7 – Drive Less

When possible, opt for a more environmentally friendly option for travel. This can be achieved in many ways such as walking, biking, carpooling, or taking public transportation.

8 – Shop Local for Food

Take advantage of your local farmer’s market for fresh produce. By doing this, you are supporting local farmers as well as receiving organic food and a cheaper price. This also reduces the fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets.

9 – Save Water

By changing daily habits, you can reduce your water consumption drastically. Some good choices are turning the water off when brushing your teeth, washing full loads of laundry and dishes, and limiting your shower time.

10 – Choose Clothing Wisely

Making clothing contributes a large amount of pollution every day. To lessen this impact, buy your clothing from consignment stores or sustainable brands. New clothes from sustainable brands tend to be a little more expensive, but their clothes are made ethically and benefit the environment.